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Welcome to the Dogfort!

Hey! Welcome to my first self-built site! A short while ago I learned about neocities from a youtube video about old-school webpages. It's crazy how many creatively intriguing pages there are on neocities, where it's more about creating a specific feel an look. Interested in building my own, because I am interested in graphic design and art in general, I decided to dig up some Information via Youtube tutorials. That's the way 2000's kids learn new skills, no? This page has more of a minimalistic look right now, given my current level of knowledge.

ABOUT ME I'm a 22 year old guy from Germany with some knowledge in 2D Art and Graphic Design, I also dabbled a bit in music and am keeping fit with home workouts. Even thought I neither am a dog nor have one, I somehow decided on going with a dog theme. I chose the site-name "STRAYDOG" because of my numerous online usernames and accounts.

Cities I Enjoy: